Our Approach

You can find many migration tools on the market. Some are lacking key features and have to be micro-managed manually. They might be good for a small business which can afford “big bang” overnight user switch from one environment to another and then have large number of HelpDesk calls next day. More serious enterprise migration tools live in “Zero Impact” category when everything happens behind the scenes and remains unnoticed for an end user. Every single piece of user’s environment is accounted for and switched/moved to the new place:

-AD user account

-AD groups membership

-Computer profile

-Mailbox content including Calendar Data, Contacts, Notes and more

-Calendar Availability cross organizations

-Permissions inside Mailbox

-Outlook profile, which has so many pieces attached to it that often remain underestimated

Not even the best migration tool on the market is going to cover every single business environment out of the box. This is where we come in. Experienced consultants will help to setup product and architecture migration plan based on your specific business requirements. Should you try and do it yourself? No, simply because it will cost more in the long run and may result in the project being behind the schedule or over budget. Unfortunately this happens often even with the large companies who have many skillful IT resources. This is because migration is very rare skill set which is developed with years of pure migration exposure and not something that occurs during normal day to day IT operations in the company.

Another important aspect is knowledge of migration tools being utilized in the project. Our consultants have unparallel knowledge and experience with the enterprise level best migration tools on the market: Quest Software Migration Manager for AD and Exchange (QMM), OnDemand Migrator for Emails and more. Assistance is provided during the longevity of the entire project from start to finish.